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Sellers Guide

How to Successfully Prepare Your Home

Sellers Guide

Consider these things to successfully prepare your home for the market.

Spend Time before Spending Dime

In considering any home improvement project, you’ll need to ask yourself a couple of questions: Why are you doing it? Is it work that really needs to be done, such as repairing a chimney or a leaky roof? Will it truly add value to your home, or might it actually make it more difficult to sell?

You see, an expense that you feel is absolutely necessary may be considered an unnecessary frill to a buyer. And an additional risk of remodeling is that the cost and increased asking price will price your home out of the range of similar homes.

You should evaluate the purpose of every dollar spent in relation to the return that you will get in the sale. (This is a good rule to follow, not only when selling a home, but whenever you are considering a renovation or remodeling project.)

Catch Them at the Curb

Many buyers form their first, and often strongest, opinions before they step out of their car. Let’s take a look at some projects you might consider, starting with simple steps that can reap huge dividends.

Surveys show that painting the exterior of your home results in the greatest return on time and money invested when compared to other improvements dome for selling purposes.

Driveways can definitely affect a buyer’s first impressions. Remove heavy oil stains from your driveway and if it’s cracked, fix it. Whatever you do, though, don’t create a bigger problem through quick-fix solutions–use high quality patching materials and sealers.

Place colorful flower pots near the front of your home or plant flowers near the entryway to create a more welcoming look. Prune overgrown trees or shrubs and replace any scraggly plants with healthy new ones.

Home Inspection

Ask for the advice of your real estate broker regarding the appropriate inspections to consider. A competent realtor should know fair and impartial licensed pest control (termite) inspectors, property inspectors, roofing inspectors, chimney inspectors, pool inspectors, etc. It is recommended to obtain all of these inspections prior to looking at any offer so you know what you may be asked to do regarding necessary repairs under your purchase contract.

Also, we advise that you perform any repairs that make your home safe and functional early in the marketing process since most buyers would demand that you pay for these repairs. It makes sense to eliminate these visual red-flags by doing this work as soon as possible.

Eliminate Clutter

Nic-knacks and family photographs in order to “de-personalize” the house. Potential buyers want to be able to visualize their family and their belongings in your home. Help them do it by making your home as clean, organized, and photo-free as possible.

Clean, clean and clean!

Having a sparkling clean, clutter-free home is a low-cost way to help present your home at its best and draw more interest. It will generally only take one day for a cleaning service to make your home look its cleanest.

Set the Mood

You want to make sure that potential buyers feel as comfortable as possible in your home. Being too hot or too cold can give them a subliminal message of “something’s off,” and you definitely want them to feel “just right.”

A house that smells great just feels more welcoming. Invest in a few lightly scented candles for the bathrooms and kitchen. (I have found that Manual Canovas or Rigaud candles can be lit briefly in advance of showings and leave wonderfully long lingering scents.