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New year, new choices

January 3, 2018 | By Ron Armstrong

We often view a new year as a new chance.  I rather prefer to look at making new choices since that is an accountable action for me.  We are the same people who we were last year, albeit a tad wiser, older and perhaps even savvier.  We learn from our mistakes if we are paying attention to them.  As real estate agents, we plan our business for the year focusing on just how many people we can help with their live's transitions.  Business wise I used to pick one word to for my year's focus.  Now I prefer one a word for my personal life and trust that business will attend to itself. There will always be people who need help and agents to help them.  

My word is family.  I choose to focus on the love and enjoyment of being loved.

What is your word for 2018?  I/we would love to know.

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