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Real Estate in Bakersville, NC

Picturesque and punchy, Bakersville, NC offers small mountain charm with big culture.

Bakersville, NC is not much more than a speck on the map. With a population of little more than 350, it sits at the northern apex of a 15-minute driving triangle with Spruce Pine and Burnsville. But its size and proximity to other great little mountain towns do nothing to diminish its own punchy zeal for cultural vivacity. With farmer’s markets, multiple arts festivals, and a cornucopia of outdoor recreational opportunities, Bakersville is a thriving community in and of itself.

The most famous of its festivals is the North Carolina Rhododendron Festival held every June, celebrating the bloom of the acclaimed regional flower, the Catawba Rhododendron. This magnificent flora can be celebrated in its gorgeous native habitat along the nearby Appalachian Trail and up at Roan Mountain, which straddles the North Carolina-Tennessee state line about 45 minutes north of Bakersville. Roan Mountain is part of the Pisgah National Forest and not far from the Cherokee National Forest.

"If the water is calling your name more than a walk in the woods, Bakersville offers easy access to Toe River, South Toe River, and Cane Creek. Stay close to home for local trails, art galleries, and delightful downtown eateries.

These seasonal amenities certainly draw visitors, explorers, and craftsmen, but there is a strong core of year-round residency as well. The temperate climate offers a pleasant and delicate change of seasons, with the average temperature hovering at around 52 degrees.

Bakersville is the governing seat for Mitchell County, which lends itself to the strong civic infrastructure of town board members, governing agencies and a very engaged community