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Asheville, NC Luxury Homes

Find your perfect luxury home for sale in one of the happiest places in America!

Asheville ranks consistently in the top listings of places to live, purchase a vacation home, retire, relocate, reinvent yourself, or just come to play:

  • Named “Happiest City in America” by Eric Weiner in his book, The Geography of Bliss, 2008.
  • #1 in the top 100 places to live (Outside Magazine, August 2007).
  • One of the top 25 hottest real estate markets in the world (Unique Homes Magazine, January 2007).
  • #1 in the top 100 places to live (Relocate-America.com, 2007).
  • #13 in the top destinations in the world to live (2007 Frommer’s Guide)

While the majestic and healing mountains of Western North Carolina draw newcomers seeking rejuvenation and adventure, it is not the spectacular geography alone that makes Asheville unique.

"Other historic American landmarks put Asheville on the map as one of the South’s prime destination cities. Most famous of these is the Biltmore Estate, named by the American Institute of Architects as one of the “Top Ten Architectural Wonders”, and the Grove Park Inn – Asheville’s celebrated mountain resort and spa.

Many of the same architects and designers who worked on these structural masterpieces and their nearby residences and businesses also designed some of Asheville’s most luxurious neighborhoods and downtown apartments. This cohesion gives the entire town a sense of historic integration while still upholding the creative flare for which Asheville is widely recognized.

Asheville garners national attention for its arts and food scene and its strong sense of environmental responsibility, all of which are deeply rooted in its local economy. Whether you are looking for a formal night of music and drama at one of the multiple theatres, a dinner out with friends, or even a stroll to watch the people and the sunset over the mountains, you can always find something to satisfy your craving.

If you want to give your wallet a break from supporting the local economy, the city has an ever-dependable lineup of free and family-friendly festivities like bluegrass shows, art gallery walks, and dog festivals.

Residents enjoy such festivities nearly year-round, with four gloriously temperate seasons. The region draws both northerners and southerners seeking mild winters and manageable summer heat. Asheville’s tourist season starts early and extends into the fall for front row seats to the annual leaf spectacular.

Explore the variety of luxury neighborhoods and suburbs throughout Asheville as well as some of the surrounding smaller towns. Each community has its own distinct flavor while offering all of the natural and cultural perks of the region.